June 19, 2020: A Statement from Hilco Redevelopment Partners

June 19, 2020 – Chicago, IL:  Following a series of community meetings hosted by the City of Chicago, the demolition contractor at Exchange 55, Heneghan Wrecking & Excavation Co., Inc., will host a virtual bilingual Community Meeting at 10 a.m. on Saturday, June 27, 2020 to review the details about the upcoming demolition, timeline and dust mitigation plan for the remaining structures at the site of the former Crawford Station power plant located at 3501 South Pulaski Road.

The approved demolition contractor, Heneghan Wrecking & Excavation Co., Inc., will perform the demolition of the remaining structures on no earlier than Monday, July 6, 2020. The demolition of these structures will be conducted using a manual process that does not utilize an implosion.  All remaining demolition work will be conducted by Heneghan Wrecking & Excavation Co., Inc., in accordance with the dust mitigation plans that have been approved by the City of Chicago Department of Buildings and the City of Chicago Department of Public Health. The approved dust mitigation plans can be found at

Little Village Residents will also be informed of the demolition process, timeline and dust mitigation plan with a flyer and telephone calls which will occur over the next week and will be conducted in accordance with the requirements established by the City of Chicago.

The health, safety and welfare of the Little Village community remains of critical importance to HRP Exchange 55 as we continue the construction of a new state-of-the-art, job-creating logistics center in Little Village. Our goal remains to responsibly redevelop this property and work closely with the City of Chicago to build a transformational facility that will provide numerous community benefits and sustainability initiatives.

In addition, and in accordance with the requirements established by the City of Chicago and scope of work permitted under the Department of Buildings Core and Shell Permit, Morgan/Harbour Construction LLC will begin vertical construction on the Exchange 55 building no earlier than Friday, June 26, 2020.

Exchange 55 is being constructed using insulated, loadbearing, precast concrete wall panels and a structural steel frame. Vertical construction work will include steel erection, precast wall installation, roof construction, and related infrastructure.  This work will continue until the shell core work is completed.

For additional information, or to ask any questions, residents are encouraged to reach out to HRP Exchange 55 at (312) 796-6281 or For dust mitigation plans, regular project updates, construction progress timeline, and community events, please visit our project website at

May 29, 2020: A Statement from Hilco Redevelopment Partners:

May 29, 2020 – Chicago, IL: Following a series of recent community meetings hosted by the City of Chicago, Heneghan Wrecking & Excavation Co., Inc., will begin to perform the mechanical dismantling of the turbine building, the smaller of the two remaining structures located at the former Crawford Station property at 3501 South Pulaski Road beginning at 6:30 a.m. on Friday, June 5, 2020.
The mechanical dismantling will occur through a manual process and will not be completed by means of implosion. All remaining demolition activities will be performed by Heneghan Wrecking & Excavation Co, Inc., and conducted in accordance with the dust mitigation plans that have been approved by the City of Chicago Department of Buildings and the City of Chicago Department of Public Health. The approved dust mitigation plans can be found at
Residents will be informed with a flyer and telephone calls which will occur over the next week and will be conducted in accordance with the requirements established by the City of Chicago.
For dust mitigation plans, regular project updates, construction progress and community events, please visit the development website at
Media Contact
Gary C. Epstein
Hilco Global


April 30, 2020: A Statement from Hilco Redevelopment Partners:

The health, safety and welfare of the Little Village community is of paramount importance to us as we continue demolition of the former Crawford Power Station and clear the way for the construction of a new state-of-the-art, job-creating logistics center in Little Village.
On April 27, 2020, the City of Chicago released validated test results from samples taken to monitor potential environmental impacts from the smokestack implosion at the former Crawford Generating Station on April 11, 2020 (available at ). Testing was conducted by the Chicago Department of Public Health and the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and validated by a non-governmental agency. According to the City of Chicago’s April 27, 2020 press release, “officials believe that the test results, which included analysis of particulate matter, dust composition, building debris and soil composition, show that there is no apparent health risk to the surrounding community.”
We are fully committed to alleviating community concerns which have been, and will continue to be, central to our mission to revitalize this historically challenged site.
We are currently working with residents in the area directly adjacent to the site (28th to 33rd Streets, Pulaski to Lawndale, and 28th to 31st Street, Pulaski to Keeler) to coordinate several clean-up and support services, free of charge. We’ll be sending a package this week to all addresses within this perimeter that includes vouchers for free window washing, vehicle washing and an air furnace filter as well as four masks as part of our ongoing community support during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In addition, we will continue to provide regular street sweeping measures in the Little
Village neighborhood for the remainder of the demolition.
We look forward to advancing this project and to continuing to work with the community to bring opportunity back to this dormant section of Pulaski Road.


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CONTACT: Gary Epstein,; 847-418-2712

Demolition, remediation and redevelopment to commence at 70-acre Little Village site

CHICAGO – February 6, 2018 – Hilco Redevelopment Partners, a unit of Hilco Global, announced today the purchase and acquisition of the Crawford Power Generating Station site from NRG Energy in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood.

The Crawford site previously operated as a coal-fired power plant since the late 1920’s before being decommissioned in 2012. Hilco Redevelopment Partners, based in suburban Northbrook, will undertake comprehensive remediation of the industrial site before proceeding with redevelopment. NRG Energy selected Hilco after an extensive process to sell the property.

“When we closed down Chicago’s last two coal plants, we committed to creating a cleaner, brighter and more sustainable future for Chicago’s neighborhoods,” Mayor Emanuel said. “I look forward to working with Hilco Redevelopment Partners to turn this site from a vestige of Chicago’s past to a vibrant part of our shared future.”

Remediation work will begin soon at the Crawford site, may take anywhere from 14-24 months depending on site conditions, and will be completed in accordance with the highest safety and comprehensive industrial regulatory standards. The plan is to begin demolition after the site has been safely abated of any potentially hazardous materials that may present environmental concerns to the community, city or regulators. During this time, Hilco Redevelopment Partners will be in regular communication with community leaders and residents on the project’s progress while also creating a redevelopment plan for the highest and best use of the property. The company has launched a website to share updates and information at

“A true hallmark of Hilco’s mission is to return economic opportunity to industrial sites that have run their useful life,” said Roberto Perez, Managing Partner, President, Hilco Redevelopment Partners. “We see the Crawford site as a transformational opportunity to take 70-acres of urban infill industrial land from an obsolete facility to a modern and robust economic engine in the neighborhood. This location and current zoning classification offers great potential to serve as a last-mile distribution and logistics facility given its proximity to such a significant population center.”

Added Alderman Ricardo Munoz, 22nd Ward: “This is an exciting development for the Little Village community. The Hilco Redevelopment team understands that we have a terrific labor pool that can support the type of “new economy” businesses that they expect to attract to the site. This will be a terrific boost to the economy in Little Village and throughout Chicago.”

Hilco Redevelopment Partners is a unit of holding company Hilco Global, with offices in Northbrook and Chicago. Hilco brings a wealth of relevant experience to the 70-acre Crawford site having managed numerous remediation, recycling and redevelopment projects with similar highly complex brownfield sites. Some current examples include:

Tradepoint Atlantic, Baltimore, MD – Hilco Global purchased the 3,100-acre industrial former home of Bethlehem Steel. Beginning in 2012, Hilco Redevelopment Partners decommissioned and remediated the site before redeveloping it into the largest tri-modal logistics hub on the eastern seaboard of the USA. Following the remediation and demolition, Hilco Redevelopment Partners has signed long-term leases and has built or will be building logistics facilities for FedEx Ground, Amazon and Under Armour, with more to be announced this year.

Summer Street, Boston, MA – Hilco purchased the former Boston Power Generating Station owned by Exelon Corporation. The 15-acre site includes fourteen buildings totaling 261,000 square feet of office and industrial assets. The Hilco team is in the process of remediating and redeveloping the site.

The Gauge, Boston, MA – Hilco is redeveloping the former site of an automobile temperature gauge manufacturing facility into 130,000 square feet of creative office and R&D space.

Hilco Redevelopment Partner’s other projects include the modernization project of One North LaSalle, a capital-intensive project to upgrade and update tenant amenities to an art deco era office building in the city’s Central Loop; decommissioning and redeveloping a Sony factory; numerous GM, Ford and Chrysler facilities; and a Cooper Tire plant.

“The acquisition of Crawford is a significant addition to our growing portfolio of commercial and industrial real estate across North America,” said Hilco Global Chairman and CEO Jeffery Hecktman. “Over the course of the past several years we have been successfully acquiring and redeveloping obsolete properties in cities across the country, bringing new economic life to these urban areas in need of revitalization and opportunity.”


About Hilco Redevelopment Partners (HRP)

HRP provides a single integrated solution to maximize the value of obsolete industrial sites by leveraging unique capabilities of Hilco Global to efficiently remediate, recycle, and redevelop complex assets. As the industry leader in successfully completing large industrial redevelopment projects, HRP is a trusted partner and principal investor that maximizes value by tailoring its approach for each specific redevelopment project within a single integrated solution. HRP is a unit of Northbrook, Illinois based Hilco Global ( Hilco Global operates more than twenty specialized business units offering services that include asset valuation and appraisal, tangible and intangible acquisition and disposition of assets, real estate advisory, strategic equity investments, and much more.